News from the Region

New Jersey

Summer 2018

Mountain Racquet Club Introduces Pickleball to the Public

On May 21, 2018 the Mountainside Racquet Club (MRC) of Mountainside, NJ hosted its first Pickleball Open House to introduce the sport to the public.

Three tennis courts were taped to yield six indoor pickleball courts. The event introduced nearly 80 new pickleball enthusiasts in the game.  Some attendees were inexperienced but many brought their tennis skills to the courts.  Approximately 35 local, seasoned pickleball players donated their time and expertise to help explain scoring, run skill-building drills, demonstrate games and offer tips and advice.

MRC is currently running a six-week Pickleball Clinic and will host its first Pickleball Tournament on Saturday, June 30th, 2018 for anyone 40 years of age and older. Register for the tournament at:

John Neglia
Union Country, NJ

Sarah Ansboury Clinics a Hit in New Jersey

You could feel the excitement and anticipation as players gathered together to participate in a clinic with Sarah Ansboury at the Colts Neck Racquet Club in Colts Neck, NJ in May 2018. Sarah put on six 2 ½-hour clinics, as well as semi-private clinics, over the course of two days as she tried to meet the demands of the 72 players who wanted to learn from her game.

More than dinks, drop shots, drives or any other particularly pickleball strokes or techniques, the clinics focused on being aware of your body on the court, and using it to your best advantage. One of the biggest lessons learned from the clinic was the importance of balance. Sarah stressed the importance of movement, balance and positioning – engaging different parts of your body, keeping the paddle in the ready position, and always being centered ready for anything.

Linh, Sarah’s partner helped players with their balance, positioning and shots. As a college soccer and rugby player, Linh gave us hope as she shared how she went from a 3.0 player to 5.0 player after fighting with but accepting many of Sarah’s pickleball techniques.

Sarah Ansboury’s Clinics are highly recommended. The focus on awareness of movement and engaging your core and the appropriate muscles should be at the foundation of anyone’s pickleball game.

Kim Smith
USAPA Ambassador
Fair Haven, NJ